Continually implementing solutions in a wide-range of industry segments

Our solutions have advanced mission-critical operations in federal and state governments, national and homeland security, health and human services, finance, trade and transportation, and private industries. We have worked with these customers and partners to help them improve in areas such as: Security, Import control, Risk targeting, Logistics, Product safety, Healthcare, & Fraud analysis. We help states identify coverage options for children with disabilities; labor unions better manage their insurance resources; regulatory agencies identify risky imports; and seaports manage truck congestion. NTELX supports clients in their daily operations, where consistency, speed, accuracy, and transparency are critical to their mission.


Problems come in all shapes and sizes. We align our approach to solve them, within budget and while meeting any compliance requirements.

Regulatory Enforcement

Government agencies have a mandate to be effective and efficient in carrying out their operations. NTELX’s solutions can help you improve resource allocation and business processes through automated selection and screening of higher risk filings, claims, and other transactions.

Compliance and Security

If your volume of activity is no longer sustainable with manual processes, we can help. Our solutions use technology to accelerate and automate the assessment of compliance and security risks. From data collection to analysis to hands-on guidance and monitoring, we’ll help you identify and minimize these risks more easily and effectively.

Business Operation and Logistics

NTELX helps clients around the world save time and resources through improved operations and logistics. Our award-winning work has revolutionized how landside transportation is coordinated with port and terminal activities. We have also helped mature and early-stage businesses better allocate resources with faster, more accurate opportunity assessment.

Specialist Staffing

NTELX staff can provide short-term project and long-term support for Java-oriented software development and maintenance work and data science projects. Our staff can work as part of your team, whether you need support with a mission-critical legacy system or greenfield project with cutting-edge technology stack to meet the information and decision management needs of your start-up.

Our Customers

Large Federal agencies to start-ups – our customers run the gamut. We believe in the transformational power of the right solution — one that works, one that is right-sized, one that gets used doing what its supposed to do. Delivering the right solution starts with understanding your missions, aspirations and challenges.

Our team has developed real partnerships with our customers, and have served some for well over a decade. Executives and end-users alike know they can count on our expertise and capabilities to help them through the toughest challenges in automating and accelerating key processes by embedding analytics into their operations.