Change the Way Work Gets Done


iDMX is an innovative software platform for driving operational best practices. It combines a new way to capture and organize data with expert knowledge and analytical insights to deliver actionable business guidance. Just as TurboTax™ automates personal tax preparation, iDMX automates basic professional services, freeing up resources for higher value engagement.

Documentation – Easily understood record of compliance, performance and best practices.

Straightforward Business Logic – With easy modification of business rules, the capture of real world expertise enables both qualitative and quantitative guidance.

Business Analytics – Help users quickly understand and interpret status and results.

Highly Customized – Roles designs to fit business requirements, across locations.

Simple User Interface – Captures real world expertise in a visual format.

Secure – All nTelx solutions provide peace of mind with SSL protection, two-factor authentication, Database Encryption and ‘at rest data’ with AES-256 bit encryption.


iDMX has a robust feature set of dashboards, collaboration tools to increase efficiencies and be more productive.

Single Platform – Everything in one place; documentation, business rules, best practices.

Fast and Simple Deployment – As a Platform as a Service (PAAS), automate and scale best practices and compliance solutions across multiple environments at once.

Dashboards – Quickly view attributes, progress, observations and scores.

Collaboration Tools – With a lightweight workflow and customized alerts, it’s easy to distribute work across the organization.

Scaleable – Designed for deployment flexibility, new components can quickly be added with minimal downtime at low cost.

Access Controlled – Permission-driven roles, configurable access to specific activities.

Customers and Partners

Implementing solutions in a wide-range of industry segments
Elder Research
Hudson Analytix
Distributed Sun
Food and Drug Administration
Department of Defense