A High-Performance Decision Model Execution Platform


Better screening and targeting decisions drive big performance gains. Deciding whether or not to inspect a shipment, accept an applicant, or audit a file are complex decisions operational staff face many times a day in trade compliance, regulatory enforcement, and program administration.

By leveraging an organization’s knowledge base, developing analytical insights, and applying these insights to decision-making, NTELX’s DMX software platform shortens processing times and improves outcomes, producing gains in efficiency and effectiveness.

Analyzing each transaction or data object from multiple perspectives, DMX-based solutions generate actionable recommendations. This comprehensive, proven software can be quickly deployed to kick-start improved decision management in your operations.

An intuitive interface and tested implementation approach make our solutions quickly accessible to both front-line and administrative users with a wide range of technical skills.



Interactive Decision Management and eXecution (iDMX) enables organizations to quickly operationalize decision models to embed best practices, accelerate key processes, and target resources to the right work.

Faster Implementation – Highly embeddable design support easy integration.

Better Performance – Built-in analytical capabilities that develop rules from a variety of databases and drive insights. Dynamic business rules management including scenario  testing and real-time configuration.

Proven Results – Award-winning decision management capability from complete automation to decision support.



DMX has a robust feature set of dashboards, collaboration tools to increase efficiencies and be more productive.

Work Plan Management – Manage work plans, quotas, obligations, and assignments.

Collaboration – Collaborate using documents, wikis, forums, and reports to continuously improve decision making.

Insight Aggregation – Reconcile multiple analyses to produce clear insight-based guidance.

Business Rules Management – Define and validate rules and manage their lifecycles.

Rule Engine Management – Deploy, configure, and maintain thousands of rules across multiple servers with distinct decision models.

Customers and Partners

Implementing solutions in a wide-range of industry segments
Elder Research
Hudson Analytix
Distributed Sun
Food and Drug Administration
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