Helping organizations improve and accelerate decision processes in their business operations.

We work across the data-to-decision life cycle and design solutions that can be introduced at any stage of the process. From Strategy and Planning to Implementation and Operations, our teams collaboratively guide and execute projects that deliver results in support of our client’s objectives. Drawing from a portfolio of capabilities, we tailor our engagement model for the situation and can engage with clients at any stage of maturity to help them achieve their goals.

  • Business Process Analysis
  • Data Integration & Management
  • Data Analysis & Modeling
  • Solution Delivery & Integration

Achieving improved decision-making often requires rethinking business processes.

NTELX assists clients in developing frameworks for effectively measuring and improving operational performance. By gaining a deep understanding of a client’s business processes and objectives, our team can quickly identify key decision points that drive resource allocation and outcomes.

Data fuels the analytics we develop to improve decision-making and performance. 

As such, capturing and organizing data is a must. Regardless of the data challenge, the NTELX team has the skills, tools, and experience necessary to address any obstacle. NTELX has deep expertise in cleaning and fusing flawed, disparate data across multiple domains. We apply this expertise to resolve our clients’ most difficult data demands.

NTELX enhances the value of data by exposing trends and patterns, which are leveraged to develop predictive models, optimize operations, and refine decision-support systems.

Versed in the use of analytics tools and techniques, our team of Analytics experts has helped organizations with a wide range of objectives to improve their performance and overcome diverse challenges. Our Analytics practice has demonstrated capability in the areas of Predictive Analytics, Logistics Optimization, Entity Resolution, and Unstructured Data Analysis.

NTELX designs and implements decision management solutions that drive operational performance.

We apply a tailored approach to every situation.  This can involve using COTS software from established providers; interfacing to client legacy applications; leveraging components of the NTELX software platform; or undertaking custom software development. Using agile, iterative development methodologies, we continuously track progress against business impact.