Unleash the power of your data to improve and speed processes using decision management

You define success for your organization. We help you get there from where you are now. We work across the data-to-decision life cycle and design solutions that can be introduced at any stage of the process. From strategy and planning to implementation and operations, our teams offer guidance and insight—and deliver results. Drawing from a diverse portfolio of capabilities, we tailor our approach and solutions to meet your unique needs and goals.



Drive operational performance with solutions that mobilize data and analytics for your specific needs and environment.



Inform decision-making with data-driven insights based business understanding and proven analytical techniques.

Decision Management


Make critical recurring decisions better and faster. What are the key operational decisions that drive your performance? Can they be made more effectively? Can they be made earlier?

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Software Engineering

Our solutions mobilize data and analytics to automate many decisions, improving efficiency and effectiveness. We see technology as a means to an end — meeting your goals in support of your mission. Using a range of open-source technologies and agile methodologies, NTELX staff are able to deliver right-sized solutions quickly and as affordably as possible to meet your specific needs. Our platform is standards-based to work with existing systems and third-party technologies, and we provide support and monitoring to ensure our solutions are delivering the desired results.

Data Science

It all starts with clean data pulled from disparate internal and external sources, mined for relevant information. Through analytical insights, business understanding and expert knowledge, we use the relevant data to drive better decisions. Applying best-practice CRISP-DM methodology, NTELX analytics specialists use a range of tools, including SAS and R, to develop and refine decision models that encompass predictive analytics, business rules, and expert heuristics. Then we work closely with you to launch and embed analytics solutions in both established and new operations.



Decision Management Strategy

Sometimes starting at the beginning is best: What are the key decisions that drive business performance? Can they be made better? Can they be made earlier? We’ll work with your team to forge answers to these critical questions and design programs to achieve better performance. Many factors drive strategy, including your organization’s mission, capabilities and culture. We’ll help you find hidden opportunities to improve effectiveness and efficiency, so we can create solutions that work.